Why can ELKOBA help you solving problems?

It all began in the year 1990. The later founder of ELKOBA got a christmas-present: His first electronic break-out board. So he started building small electronic circuits, radios for receiving AM and did several tests with electricity in combination with water, sun and other materials and parts. Years later he learned how to repair radios and made this to his profession. For hobby he made is licence in HAMRADIO and had a lot of fun repairing and modifying radios, computers and power-supplies. During his civillian service he learned how to help and take care on people in hospitals. After some years working for SIEMENS and other noted companies he went to school again. Finaly he got his grade as medical engineer. In the year 2007 he founded his first company with repairing HAMRADIO-transceiver. Some time later he started selling power-supplies and worked for TUV-companies as freelancer in whole Europe. Solving problems in mechanical and electrical ways is why customers like ELKOBA as well as their services and products. More and more employees are proud to work for him and his customer. In 2017 he renamed his company in ELKOBA Service GmbH. The suffix "GmbH" presents the most accepted and solid type of company in Germany.

ELKOBA - your specialist for solving problems and saving money

ELKOBA is not that kind of a typical whole-saler. We are a growing team of specialist. ELKOBA is a specialist for solving customers problems in medical industrial environment. We help you saving money and keeping your medical and industrial equipment safe and long-lasting by intelligent and sustainable solutions.